How to build an Aquarium.

Spik-E in Progress

Team Yeah Final Presentation

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“life” tests

I recently set up a tank to get the water for the installations ready and to begin to understand the filtration / aeration / temperature / lighting variables and the effects they have on some crayfish and some catfish–

I bought some different colored waterproof led light strips to see how they would effect the behavior of the fish as well

I had some unexpected results– apparently crayfish are very aggressive — and like to eat catfish– see videos on these links

and the photos attached

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Progress Report: CNC Milled Mold, Melissa

To make a icosahedron/ball of triangles, I am making a 20 part mold.  Each part has two main pieces to it, the tabs and the spike.  The tabs were will milled into the formwork at the correct angle to be clipped together with other pieces to construct the ball.  The tabs will create tight fitting seams so the ball can hold water (or be rotationally molded).  The spikes, ranging in different heights, relate to different root lengths of the plants and openings for the gloves.  The formwork was milled in parts so that if one piece of the ball fails, the formwork can be easily changed to create the right piece.

Here is the progess on the mold for the vacuformer.  The pieces are mdf, and the spike is made up of 6 heights with the same base radius.